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"There's a car alarm blaring outside and she groggily lifts her head, mourning only shortly the loss of the dream she was having, weary eyes darting to the alarm, it's only 6.30, she rests her head back down but it's useless her limbs are already restless. So she wearily makes her way through her morning routine, taking a moment to enjoy her coffee and the sun rising over Tokyo's skyscrapers. Life has it's beautiful moments if one simply looks for them."
This was inspired by this song.

The Moment We Were Alone - Explosions in the Sky
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Sooooooooooooo~ I just bought MatsuJun pants meaning I just bought Sequined Tuxedo Pants and the best part is they're Fake Pants~ meaning they're perfect~Yay~

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He smiles.

Jan. 14th, 2011 01:41 pm
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The last time she remembers her heart beating this fast was during sports day. She had ran, breath leaving her in awful gasps as her heart sped up with the pitter-patter of feet on the asphalt. Somehow, his smile entices a similar response, her heart speeds up just the same, and she finds it hard to breathe, it's as if her breath is running away from the brightness.

She tries to be logical about it, as logical as a girl her age can be about this type of thing, but with even a glance, her heart sputters and all conscious thought leaves her head, and frankly it scares her just a tiny bit. So she confides in her friend, but they were much to young at this point to understand that she was falling in love, her friend had never felt the feeling, she can't even imagine it, or so she claims, her friend would meet her first love not even a year later.

Maybe, her friend offers, you're sick.

Maybe so, she replies, and then they're off chasing after grasshoppers, and running away from the boys with frogs in their hands, surely one day, she thinks, I'll get it.



Yeah, no clue just kinda popped into my head.
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In which I post pictures XD )

Wow this was slightly pointless.
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So I'm watching Ryusei no Kizuna again in pretty standard XD, because I watched it first streaming so the quality is amazing even though it's standard ^.^ and on episode 3 this happens.

Sometimes I think I'm an idiot XD )

Yeah far too easily amused.

Wooo Guys.

Oct. 12th, 2010 11:21 am
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I totally tweeted about this yesterday but I feel the need to further explain it~
So I really REALLY really want to read/write a fic about Ohmiya set in the TiMER Universe, and if you haven't watched this movie I STRONGLY RECOMEND IT it was superb, and like basically I want:
Cut for TiMER fic wanting rant and stuff. )

Also, I can not unsee Naka Riisa as female Nino, like it's ridiculous, I was browsing through stuff on the internet, and like I stumbled on a picture of her and my first thought was "NINO IN DRAG?! 8D" and then I was like "Oh it's Naka she really does look like Nino, hm...."

I feel like I must edit all of my tags in this journal but I edited them all on my writing one and it took forever /is lazy.

Edit: HELL YEAH CARMELDANSEN XD I remember San Japan and the GIANT conga line we made during this song *dances* >.> <.< XD


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