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Handwriting Challenge

Day 1 - Hand-write your full name.
Day 2 - Hand-write your livejournal url.
Day 3 - Hand-write your livejournal headline.
Day 4 - Hand-write your favorite quote.
Day 5 - Hand-write your best friend's name.
Day 6 - Hand-write your crush's name.
Day 7 - Hand-write your three favorite songs of all time.
Day 8 - Hand-write whatever you want with a black pen in capitals.
Day 9 - Hand-write your favorite word.
Day 10 - Hand-write your lucky number.
Day 11 - Hand-write all the websites you’re signed up with.
Day 12 - Hand-write your name using the hand opposite of what you normally use.
Day 13 - Hand-write the first 10 things that pop into your head.
Day 14 - Hand-write your livejournal crushes.
Day 15 - Hand-write “hello”.
Day 16 - Hand-write whatever you want, filling up the whole piece of paper.
Day 17 - Hand-write on something other than paper.
Day 18 - Hand-write a few words that sum you up.
Day 19 - Hand-write your five favorite bands.
Day 20 - Hand-write a letter to somebody
this is way long seriously )


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Wondering what this is all about. )


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So I woke up like 15 minutes ago, and really I'm glad last night was a dream. Like when I was waking up my first thought was "I need to go and download as many Yoko videos to keep his memory alive."
I love ljcuts, and yeah~ ) 
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I just had the most realistic Nino/Arashi dream ever, like my alarm went off and it took me a while to register it was my alarm because there was also a dog barking in my dream, and then when I woke up I was like "I was dreaming?"

Anyway, here we go.

For dream~ )


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