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It really has, a lot has happened, A LOT.
Life has a way of knocking people down and it keeps testing my soul, but at those times when everything becomes very difficult I picture an altostratus cloud in my mind. They seem looming and make the world a little grayer but the sun manages to shine through, so I will also be like an altostratus cloud.
I have no idea if that analogy makes any sense but it's a feeling I have.
I was diagnosed with severe depression and generalized anxiety in 2014, and so I was put on medication to help, it was a relief to be honest to know that I wasn't losing my mind but that there was a chemical imbalance and bad wiring in my brain that made me afraid of the wind, it's silly when you think about it like that but it was making my life increasingly harder.
I also have a new job and a closer circle of friends and life is turning out okay. It's not great but it will get there.
I've also gotten back into watching Arashi and man I missed those guys they make me laugh regardless of what I'm feeling at the moment and their songs are still so catchy and fun.
Anyway, I wanted to make a post to show that I hadn't died, though I certainly did try, I'm still here and still putting on the good fight, about my writting I am going to start again, maybe reach out to some old friends and get back into the groove of things.
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