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While looking through my documents to see any fics that I felt like finishing up, this was a reply to [ profile] nicefinalbeam and I never finished making it but here's what I do have and maybe one day I'll actually get around to doing it but yes, I love her a lot and she's awesome and you should all go read her stuff.

So this is belated WAY BELATED but here it is~! Now with more Sakumiya!

Dear, I love your writing, like LOVE your writing, and really when I feel like reading really good fan-fiction I re-read yours, I get super excited when I go to your page and something I haven’t read is up and just all kakdjf;ajiajekfj the whole time I’m reading it because it’s amazing and beautiful and wonderful and all the positive loving words in the world inserted here because you’re amazing and beautiful and wonderful and all the positive loving words in the world inserted here and just yes I’m a huge fan.

Also your Sakumiya just! YES! I didn’t use to see Sakumiya as more than anything, but I read yours and I understood and now they’re my closet OTP and I love them and they’re so perfect for each other and just hot together XD so without further ado here are all your Sakumiya you’ve written with my commentary!

Title: Won't You Please


It would be really hot if he wasn't wheezing and scrunching up his nose.”

This line made laugh really hard, mainly because that is such a Sho thing, obviously it is since he does it, feel free to ignore my rambles, it’s a Friday (when I started this) so it’s a bit of an off-day, but mostly because there are times when Sho does something and I think “this would be really hot if you weren’t wheezing/scrunching your nose cos now you’re just an adorable chipmunk.”

“…Sho tried 'control alt delete' more times than could be helpful…”

I do this all the time cos my computer is a piece, so I could totally relate, but the snorting before this and the Nino-rubbing-his-face action oh dear~

They were eager, but not in a hurry. Beds were fixed in place, only hips needed moving.

This line struck me, cos sometimes I get the image that fandom makes them sex deprived and they’re just fucking and not going to have sex, and when they’re not they’re in love and making love and still not having sex, and this this is somewhere in between because they love each other and are in need and it’s not gonna be fucking and it’s not going to be making love it’s going to be sex and sometimes that’s a good thing. I guess in this ramble what I wanted to say was that this change of pace was refreshing.

"Well, I wasn't in love with the back-up plan," Nino admitted, content with having the blankets rest at the tip of his nose. Sho smirked at that, dragging one of the extra pillows closer to Nino's. He let the side of his face smoosh completely into it. He wasn't worried about his level of attractiveness right now, only that he could easily reach for a game of footsies in the morning if provoked (and that he sleep as many hours as possible).

Thinking Nino's words over, he shifted hesitantly, then spoke.

"But you're in love with me?"

After minutes of quiet, Sho was forced to accept that Nino had either fallen asleep quickly, or was choosing not to respond.

"Yeah," he heard a whisper before he could do so, Nino's fingertips brushing over his palm. A hand discretely searching for another in the limited space between them.

"You wanna borrow my computer sometime and finish your video?"

Nino's fingers squeezed

This ending! The confession! I! Just! You! I think I’ll be your fan for a very very long time.

And the continuation of this just yes~ and the Jun bullying and him worrying if he should read the message even though it is his phone and then Nino being a brat and Jun hating his bandmates but loving them all the more~

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