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So I'm gonna talk, mainly cos I'm on the drive home from El Paso. And maybe this mood I'm in is because it's a beautiful night, and I'm listening to Morrisey. Maybe it's cos I'm with my oldest brother who always makes me think, always makes me see life, and maybe it's cos my best friend is with us.

Anyway, I'm thinking about life, my brother and my friend were talking about things they've done and well I realized how bored I was, I mean it wasn't that I couldn't relate cos I could to some extent, but idk their life/lives seem like have been more eventful and maybe they have.

But it's true, I find life boring, and it's probably cos I'm pretty disinterested with lots of things and I don't worry about much to be honest. Life is boring.

We are born, we learn, we adapt, we grow, we fall in love (see also: compromise, marry, mate), have offspring (most of us will), we teach, and then we die. It's a cycle and I'm bored with it.

It might be that I'm just waiting for something and I'm tired of being patient, but I don't know what I'm waiting for, it's like I'm standing at the bus stop for a bus that's not coming.

And it's not that I'm not enjoying life, cos I am, it's just I don't know.

Bleh, anyway, I guess I'll talk about how I'm doing. I've started college, its pretty great, I like all my classes minus one, I don't talk to anyone, which isn't surprising cos I'm pretty anti-social, or rather, I don't like to start conversations and I dislike it even more if I don't find the other person interesting, but I guess that's because I don't care much for people.

Work is great, I like work, but it's mundane, like, I only like work because I like the people I work with, because their interesting. I especially like one of the guys, it used to be an "I find you attractive." but the guy is such a sweetheart and just so Mason, lol, I don't even know how to describe him.

I might move up in position, to a head cashier, just cos the lady I don't like does it and frankly I can do a much better job. For real. Which makes me realize that I'm not very nice, but I've never been nice.

I was in El Paso this weekend (09/09-09/11) for EPCON (El Paso Comic Convention) it was a lot of fun, it was very good, we all enjoyed it greatly. I bought badges (A Watchmen one, a Hogwarts one, and a Dr. Sheldon Cooper-"Bazinga" one), a cute little bag for Becky-chan, and a post card for my friend at work (my work wife, self-proclaimed), we walked around downtown El Paso and I found all this awesome graffiti I might upload it to my tumblr ( along with any other of the pictures I took, we found very good restaurants though the place was Rock-and- Roll Tacos...oh that might not be the correct name, mhm, it was a pink building.

I want to know how all of yall are doing, I mean I know I'm the worst LJ friend right now, like for real.

I think I'm gonna go now and just listen to Morrisey and stare at the landscape zoom by the window.

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