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Handwriting Challenge

Day 1 - Hand-write your full name.
Day 2 - Hand-write your livejournal url.
Day 3 - Hand-write your livejournal headline.
Day 4 - Hand-write your favorite quote.
Day 5 - Hand-write your best friend's name.
Day 6 - Hand-write your crush's name.
Day 7 - Hand-write your three favorite songs of all time.
Day 8 - Hand-write whatever you want with a black pen in capitals.
Day 9 - Hand-write your favorite word.
Day 10 - Hand-write your lucky number.
Day 11 - Hand-write all the websites you’re signed up with.
Day 12 - Hand-write your name using the hand opposite of what you normally use.
Day 13 - Hand-write the first 10 things that pop into your head.
Day 14 - Hand-write your livejournal crushes.
Day 15 - Hand-write “hello”.
Day 16 - Hand-write whatever you want, filling up the whole piece of paper.
Day 17 - Hand-write on something other than paper.
Day 18 - Hand-write a few words that sum you up.
Day 19 - Hand-write your five favorite bands.
Day 20 - Hand-write a letter to somebody


So I wrote a letter to Becky~! Yeah that's about it, mhm we will be doing lots of fun stuff during the summer! I'm excited!

Not that it's bad IRL stuff just stuff in general that has been going round my head for a while.

When Kevin is not in class it bothers me, and I am instantly filled with worry cos, "what if he's sick" "what if something happened" and it's strange to me cos I don't like Kevin, cos he's annoying, and obnoxious, but yet hes entertaining and his energy is all over the place he's like an ugly obnoxious puppy.
OH AND he's gross....XD, he reminds me of fifth grade like when the guy was trying to impress you but he did gross things or bullied you, yeah that's what he's like, like  he started shaking out his dandruff in class for no reason and he just kept doing it and he was sitting beside me and I was like "dude I didn't even know you had dandruff but I kind of wanted to stay that way." anyway I think it's like he's stupid so I worry for his well being cos he's stupid.

I went to Dallas for a class trip, it was fun, I was a first time flier so everyone thought I was going to be freaking out but were instead rather, if not pleasantly, surprised that I wasn't freaked out, like I didn't even freak out when we hit turbulence, cos I had expected the turbulence the whole flight so when we hit it I was like "Oh it just feels like a shaky bus....mhm interesting."
Also when we were taking off the first time I started singing Arashi songs under my breath because I didn't have music on, it was a rather interesting remix. Um... what else, oh when we were coming back home this 35 year old man sat next to me, he was fun to talk to, honestly I think we started talking to drown out the teenage girl who was getting on by the older men SHE DECIDED TO SIT NEXT TOO, like I had two empty seats beside me, and there was an empty isle on the other side but instead she like locked on these men and asked in a way too sweet voice if she could sit next to them. It was weird, and then she kept talking about how Amarillo sucks, which it does, but you don't say things like that to someone who's never been there, cos uh tourism is good for our city and stuff. Yeah she was annoying.

I might get a job at Home Depot and I don't know how I feel about that yet, other than "hey it's a job, and hey you're going to get paid" but I hate Home Depot so idk, also part of my interview might be in Spanish which will be nerve-wracking cos it wasn't until I said okay to being bilingual that I realized "HEY DOOFUS, YOU HAVE UP TO A THIRD GRADE EDUCATION IN SPANISH AND EVERYTHING IS CONVERSATION SPANISH, ALSO YOU STOP AND ASK YOUR PARENTS WHAT THINGS ARE CALLED WHILE YOU SAY IT ENGLISH AND OR MIME THE OBJECT/ACTION AND YOU DON'T THINK WELL WHEN YOU GET NERVOUS WHICH IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU SPEAK SPANISH TO PEOPLE WHO OBVIOUSLY COME FROM MEXICO COS YOU FEEL INFERIOR IN YOUR MOTHER TONGUE AND THAT MAKES YOU ANGRY AND UGH YOU'RE SUCH A DUMB ASS, but hey, you might actually do a really good job and stuff, so everything should be okay, okay." yeah I alternate between yelling at myself and consoling myself over this matter...that doesn't make me crazy right?

So I've started watching more stuff raw, I blame the lack of new stuff getting subbed, or the resubbing of things that are already subbed, either way, I'm super thankful to the subbing teams, and it makes me feel ungrateful and selfish when I think/feel this way but I can't help it, anyway, I'm surprised at how much I understand now, it makes me happy.


mhmm, I need to finish watching Marry Me, Mary (also known as Mary stayed out all night) cos I looked and I'm only 3 eps away from the end and yeah it's really good! I also need to watch all the other stuff I have like Ballad and Drop, and then I have the Scooby-Doo movie the newest one but I haven't watched it yet (obviously you said that earlier) and Due Date, and then I was going through journals and found people who do pimp posts and stuff and suddenly theres like 5 dramas I want to watch and I'm like dkafh;djajdsfja STOP YOU NEED TO WATCH EVERYTHING ELSE STILL!!

Bleh this entry is all over the place but so are my thoughts so it can't be helped really...I think I'm gonna scan a whole bunch of my notes/doodles cos that's an insightful way of getting to see into my brain which is on crack a lot of the time.



Okay, so I was in Japan, as I usually am in Dreamworld, and I was walking through this TV-studio and realized it was where Himitsu is filmed so I started going to that studio and like they had just wrapped up filming and when the boys saw me I did a little wave at them and they all started shoving Ohno around making "ooo" "wooo" "kuuu" sounds at him and Oh-chan started blushing and trying to tell them to quit while laughing, and I was embarrased too and then we go close and Ohno shyly extended his hand and we linked our fingers and they boys just got worse, cos they're mature like that, and Ohno waved at them and we left.
-then stuff I don't remember happened-
And we ended up at Ohno's house, and we were on his couch making out, but when his hands started roaming I pulled away from him, which made me be like "wth?" cos I never stop Dream!Ohno, ever, anyway, I stopped him, and like he brushed hair that had fallen onto my face away and asked what was wrong, and he was being really sweet and gentle and I was like,

"We can't, Barry-kun is watching...." and then other voice comes in

"Oh don't worry about me," says other voice, "I don't have the intention of watching two of your species multiply." and Dream!camera pans over to the kitchen where Barry-kun is at, and it's this octopus, this vibrant purple octopus and one of his tentacles is wrapped around a coffee mug and two others are holding up a newspaper, and like I'm unfazed by the Octopus but do ask Ohno were he came from, and Ohno says he saved him  from a neighboring ship. That's when I noticed that the boat was slightly rocking so the dream!cam pans out of the house and it turns out that HEY WE LIVE ON A BOAT!

Yeah then I woke up, wtf brain wtf.

ALSO my brain made up a fully functional math problem that was challenging but not overly so, I don't understand why.....

Yeah way too long post XD



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