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Handwriting Challenge

Day 1 - Hand-write your full name.
Day 2 - Hand-write your livejournal url.
Day 3 - Hand-write your livejournal headline.
Day 4 - Hand-write your favorite quote.
Day 5 - Hand-write your best friend's name.
Day 6 - Hand-write your crush's name.
Day 7 - Hand-write your three favorite songs of all time.
Day 8 - Hand-write whatever you want with a black pen in capitals.
Day 9 - Hand-write your favorite word.
Day 10 - Hand-write your lucky number.
Day 11 - Hand-write all the websites you’re signed up with.
Day 12 - Hand-write your name using the hand opposite of what you normally use.
Day 13 - Hand-write the first 10 things that pop into your head.
Day 14 - Hand-write your livejournal crushes.
Day 15 - Hand-write “hello”.
Day 16 - Hand-write whatever you want, filling up the whole piece of paper.
Day 17 - Hand-write on something other than paper.
Day 18 - Hand-write a few words that sum you up.
Day 19 - Hand-write your five favorite bands.
Day 20 - Hand-write a letter to somebody

Considering how much I breathe for music, this day was totally unfair, the second I wrote down 5 I thought of another five, and of another and another and another and realized that this day just wasn't for me, seriously how can I only pick five without mentioning Perfume, or Explosions in the Sky? Mika Nakashima or Avenged Sevenfold? Ben Fold Five or Weezer? A Fine Frenzy or Priscilla Ahn? Fun. or Arcade Fire..seriously I can go on for ages, how can anyone ANYWHERE on this planet only be able to pick 5? I mean I obviously did but it was hard and painful and I re wrote this like 8 times because I wasn't satisfied with my picks but was totally satisfied and just I mean how?!
/off the music rant.


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