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Handwriting Challenge

Day 1 - Hand-write your full name.
Day 2 - Hand-write your livejournal url.
Day 3 - Hand-write your livejournal headline.
Day 4 - Hand-write your favorite quote.
Day 5 - Hand-write your best friend's name.
Day 6 - Hand-write your crush's name.
Day 7 - Hand-write your three favorite songs of all time.
Day 8 - Hand-write whatever you want with a black pen in capitals.
Day 9 - Hand-write your favorite word.
Day 10 - Hand-write your lucky number.
Day 11 - Hand-write all the websites you’re signed up with.
Day 12 - Hand-write your name using the hand opposite of what you normally use.
Day 13 - Hand-write the first 10 things that pop into your head.
Day 14 - Hand-write your livejournal crushes.
Day 15 - Hand-write “hello”.
Day 16 - Hand-write whatever you want, filling up the whole piece of paper.
Day 17 - Hand-write on something other than paper.
Day 18 - Hand-write a few words that sum you up.
Day 19 - Hand-write your five favorite bands.
Day 20 - Hand-write a letter to somebody


It's true XD I have crushes on all those men and then some~~ as for S"C"D he's this guy that I've been fawning over for 3 years oh four this year...mhm....but lately I've been thinking about it, and I don't think it's okay to like, he knows I like him, obviously, I've kind of quit hiding it,  but he makes no move, he doesn't really acknowledge it, *sigh* I don't know sometimes I think I'm better off liking Kevin. Oh~ You guys don't know about Kevin, he's this Asian kid that is in one of my classes he's awesome~ and I call him the Asian kid cos I don't know where he/his family is from, and he's even older than me so I shouldn't be calling him a kid, but it's Kevin~ XD idk, I reevaluated my fondness for Kevin and realized it was weird lol, he wasn't in my class on Monday and I felt strangely lonely, he's like a puppy XD  WHOA rant much?

LMAO OKAY~! So I started playing Chrono Trigger XD and I've played it before A LONG TIME AGO before I could really appreciate it's greatness, but now Chrono Trigger = Nino in my head so I named Crono Nino instead XD and theres a Mai and a Sie and....I forgot what I named Frog O_O!!! What how could I forgotten that...oh wait I started playing Chrono Trigger at 1.15am and kept playing till 2.45am XD that's how...hmmm when I remember...I COULD CHECK HANG ON!! It's loading cos it's well bootlegged SHHHH don't tell XD, I'm strangely hyper this evening if you couldn't tell XD

OH YESTERDAY HALF OF MY CITY IF NOT MORE HAD A POWER OUT COS A MAJOR GRID WENT OUT IN OUR ENERGY...PLA-THING!! It was awesome....*rolls eyes* BEWARE everyone! If the lights go out and all of a sudden there are no stop lights, people won't be able to drive~!! *dramatic music* like seriously, I was blown away by the STUPIDITY of some people driving, *shakes head* hm... it's taking forever *restarts PS2* OKAY BACK~! ....It's not letting me load...O_o like it keeps trying to start me on a new game O_O OMG WHAT IF IT DOESN'T LET ME SAVE AND COME BACK ALL MY PLAY TIME LAST NIGHT = NOTHING?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO~~~! Anyway I'll try to remember....HARU! I named Frog Haru XD 
My train of thought:
"Okay Japanese boy names that are 4 letters long:
Ohno (not a first name but hey)
...Mhmmm it had something to do with Ohno....AH! Haru!


This is what I had for my lunch and dinner, it's grilled octopus, braised in a tomato garlic sauce, stir fried with lettuce, green onion, and jalapenos, and drizzled with a bit of soy sauce all sitting on top of raw lettuce (and rice since I just remade it and put it on top of white rice it was delicious and it didn't take all that long to make~


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